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Dear Ms Norberg,

Given the fact meanwhile 6 years have passed without any result, we

assume that the SEC is intending to cover the money laundering fraud

scheme operated by HSBC via various companies and management

buyout activities described in detail by us. You have received more than

2000 original papers, account numbers and names. You have also got the

links to ML fraud schemes which have been operated after you fined HSBC

in 2012. The FinCEN Files leaked now in various European journals

demonstrate we have not exaggerated – but the FinCEN files do not cover

the involvement of our case, which has been backed by UK and US intel as

well as covered by the SEC itself.

As our US lawyer, , has already written you years

ago, without even getting a response, we do consider this case as worth

becoming a part of the public FinCEN files scandal.

We are talking about an unique criminal ML fraud scheme in which US, UK

and Romanian citizens are involved, as well as the German subsidiary of

HSBC (HSBC TRINKAUS) plays a major role as “white labeling” the

companies used in Luxembourg as “clean”. It may be coincidence or not

that on of the 3 candidates willing to replace Chancellor ANGELA MERKEL

in December as Party leader of the CDU, Mr Friedrich Merz, is member of

the supervisory board of HSBC Trinkaus. I wonder if Mr Merz has ever

been informed by any authority about the ongoing fraud scheme which he

is expected to combat by monitoring the activities of HSBC Trinkaus. I

also wonder if the silence of the SEC in this case may have political

reasons, in which, among others, German domestic politics can be

influenced by letting key players run into the open knife.

However, fact is that the SEC by doing nothing is explicit covering the

activities of HSBC, ignoring the BASEL II regulations of the European,

ignoring the KYC and AML regulations of the European Union, especially

the 5th AML directive of the EU Commission valid since May 2018. Even

worse than this, the SEC is helping white collar criminals at HSBC to stay

active, without any fear to be sanctioned or jailed.

With more than great surprise I therefore resume in a short list which

aspects your agency is actively covering and hiding, so the public never

had the chance to learn about:

• HSBC has used and is using a network via shell companies in

Romania, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta and the BVI which only

purpose was to wash 200 mio. EUR

• HSBC has made false account and bilances declarations about it’s

HEAREF funds, by this violating several SEC regulations and

giving false investment information towards any investor who

invested in the fund, violating the investments advisors act of the


• HSBC has also intentional did not made the required audits at the


• HSBC has use phantom companies in the countries above to

overevaluate (pimp up) the real estate acquirements which have

been financed by credits of the ALPHA BANK in Cyprus toward

Baloo Limited – at least the Bank is know as being one of the ML

machines for

• The credits which HSBC got via the constructs very detailed

explained in our submissions since we started where FAKE

CREDITS, did not respect any financial authority requirements

and are severe violations of several SEC regulations

• HSBC has used a network of people in Romania (straw people)

which had direct contacts to terrorist organizations and


• HSBC has violated the above mentioned points AFTER it had been

fined by SEC and paying more than 2 bln. USD on fine for ML

purposes, thus violating the settlement agreement with the SEC.


company to operate the ml fraud scheme, violating several Basel

II requirements due to the fake credits of ALPHA BANK and


• Moreover we would like to extend our focus on PwC which

as an audit company did not mention any of the fraud

activities of HSBC in the audit period in which HSBC did

the frauds. PwC London should have been obliged to find

out what happened in Bucharest via it’s Bucharest

dependence, but at least within the final audits within the

auditing period for HSBC. All details have been submitted

in the past by us.

We therefore conclude that none of the points above are considered by

your organization as being a fraud, nor being criminal, as otherwise you

would have sanctioned HSBC and the affiliated players and would have

payed us our reward.

We are pleased to announce you that we now will inform major press

organizations in the US, UK and Germany about our own experience with

the SEC and HSBC.

We no longer will accept the fact your organization is playing a selective

game with whistleblowers who risk all for helping the US to combat

terrorism and financial crime. If HSBC is to big for the SEC to be

sanctioned in this case, you should write this on your website – so no

single whistleblower will ever risk his live again because of misleading

information regarding the Whistleblower Program of the SEC.

In case you whish to come back to the normal whistleblower programe

trail before this month ends, please feel free to contact me .

Starting with October 2020 all correspondence with SEC, documents and

materials will be made available for the public.

This is a case to big to fail.

Kind regards

Original content from file sent to the SEC on September 21th 2020

SEC ML Europe HSBC - September 21th 202
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